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1,751 websites use themes from Pixelgrade.
There are 27 themes in their portfolio, the most popular of which are Rosa, Listable, Listable Child.
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Rosa screenshot
Found on 924 websites
ROSA is an enchanting and easy-to-use parallax Restaurant WordPress theme that allows you to tell yo...
Listable screenshot
Found on 371 websites
A directory WordPress theme that will help you create and manage a local or global listings site.
Bucket screenshot
Found on 140 websites
BUCKET is an indispensable Magazine Style WordPress Theme aimed at providing you with an easy-to-use...
Mies screenshot
Found on 102 websites
MIES is a front line parallax Architecture WordPress Theme prized for allowing you to present your a...
Hive screenshot
Found on 88 websites
An effortless tool for publishers of all kind, cherished for its clean masonry-style layout, modern ...
Heap screenshot
Found on 86 websites
HEAP is a personal WordPress Blog Theme and an effortlessly tool for publishers of all kind, cherish...
Lens screenshot
Found on 75 websites
LENS is a surprising premium WordPress theme aimed at photographers in need for a solution that focu...
Pile screenshot
Found on 58 websites
They just keep piling on and on.
Julia screenshot
Found on 37 websites
A food blogging theme tailored on those who want to reach their creative potential and build a digit...
Timber screenshot
Found on 34 websites
Timber is a photography WordPress theme that goes out to the edge to enable a fresh, adventurous exp...
Patch screenshot
Found on 32 websites
An algorithmic design experiment that cleverly imagines the best layout for your content. Patch brin...
Silk Lite screenshot
Silk Lite
Found on 30 websites
An enchanting magazine style theme for fashion bloggers, prized for its smart layout and smooth anim...
Gema screenshot
Found on 22 websites
A dynamic grid-based layout inspired and shaped by your content diversity.
Hive Lite screenshot
Hive Lite
Found on 18 websites
An effortless tool for publishers of all kind, cherished for its clean masonry-style layout, modern ...
Osteria screenshot
Found on 18 websites
A premium WordPress theme designed to match restaurant owners' needs and achieve their business resu...
Gema Lite screenshot
Gema Lite
Found on 13 websites
Gema Lite is a newspaper-inspired theme focused on presenting your content in ways that grab attenti...
Felt screenshot
Found on 12 websites
Felt is a magazine-style WordPress theme for publishers of all kinds who want to showcase their fres...
Patch Lite screenshot
Patch Lite
Found on 12 websites
Patch Lite is a free magazine WordPress theme for publishers who are keen to present their ideas in ...
Vasco screenshot
Found on 8 websites
Vasco is a travel blog theme to help you increase your revenue streams and see more of the world. Wi...
Noah Lite screenshot
Noah Lite
Found on 8 websites
A bold entrance in the challenging digital playground. A photography WordPress theme that creates mo...