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378 websites use themes from Blogging Theme Styles.
There are 13 themes in their portfolio, the most popular of which are Moderne, Openness, PostMagazine.

Most Popular Themes

Simplified Lite screenshot
Simplified Lite
Found on 28 websites
Simplified Lite is a clean and minimalist theme that allows your reader to focus on your content. We...
Marjoram screenshot
Found on 24 websites
Marjoram is a clean, modern blog theme, tailored for food-based blogging. You can still use this for...
Blogg screenshot
Found on 22 websites
Introducing Blogg - a clean and modern WordPress theme with an elegant, carefully crafted design wi...
Camer screenshot
Found on 18 websites
With full Gutenberg (and Classic Editor) support, you can now embrace the future of WordPress. Camer...
JustBlog screenshot
Found on 11 websites
JustBlog is a clean and minimal blog theme that is perfect for bloggers who need to focus on writing...
Blog Writer screenshot
Blog Writer
Found on 9 websites
Blog Writer is a clean and minimal blog theme that is built for writers who need to create a persona...
PostMagazine screenshot
Found on 8 websites
PostMagazine is a beautifully designed blog magazine theme that is perfect for creating a lifestyle,...
Typit screenshot
Found on 5 websites
Typit is Gutenberg ready and we also made sure that it works with the Classic Editor should you deci...
Relative screenshot
Found on 3 websites
Relative is a vibrant and dynamic theme designed for unique and creative bloggers wanting a little m...
Start Blogging screenshot
Start Blogging
Found on 3 websites
Start Blogging offers you an exceptional style that is designed for personal and business blogging w...
Openness screenshot
Found on 1 websites
Openness is built from the popular WordPress theme called Twenty Fifteen, so you may want to give Op...
Moderne screenshot
Found on 0 websites
Moderne is a unique design concept where retro and modern merged into a vibrant and dynamic theme de...
Equable Lite screenshot
Equable Lite
Found on 0 websites
Equable Lite was designed to give writers a blog design that is modern, minimalist, and clear of dis...