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2,177 websites use themes from Catch Themes.
There are 71 themes in their portfolio, the most popular of which are Catch Responsive, Catch Box, Fotografie.
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Most Popular Themes

Catch Box screenshot
Catch Box
Found on 309 websites
Catch Box is simple, lightweight, box shaped, and adaptable WordPress Theme for bloggers and profess...
Catch Responsive screenshot
Catch Responsive
Found on 259 websites
Catch Responsive is an extremely flexible and customizable Responsive WordPress theme suitable for a...
Fotografie screenshot
Found on 153 websites
Fotografie is a modern Photography WordPress Theme that comes with high-quality features and minimal...
Catch Evolution screenshot
Catch Evolution
Found on 125 websites
Catch Evolution is a beautifully sleek creation of Catch Themes. It exudes a clean and super sharp l...
Catch Kathmandu screenshot
Catch Kathmandu
Found on 107 websites
Catch Kathmandu Theme is a fully responsive WordPress theme that looks elegant on any devices. It is...
Catch Base screenshot
Catch Base
Found on 85 websites
If you are looking to tailor-make a unique site without having to spend time coding a strong base fo...
Catch Responsive Pro screenshot
Catch Responsive Pro
Found on 83 websites
Catch Responsive Pro is an advanced version of Catch Responsive free theme. Catch Responsive Pro is ...
Catch Everest screenshot
Catch Everest
Found on 80 websites
Catch Everest is Simple, Clean and Responsive WordPress Theme which automatically adapts to the scre...
Chicago screenshot
Found on 80 websites
Chicago is beautifully crafted WordPress theme for Blogger with flexible and customizable theme cust...
Adventurous screenshot
Found on 79 websites
Adventurous is a Simple, Clean, Minimal, Lightweight, Box-Shaped and Full-Width Responsive WordPress...
Full Frame screenshot
Full Frame
Found on 73 websites
Full Frame is a Simple, Clean and Spacious Full Width Responsive WordPress Theme based on Catch Base...
Clean Journal screenshot
Clean Journal
Found on 62 websites
Clean Journal is a Clean Responsive WordPress Theme for bloggers, writers and small businesses. It i...
Catch Flames screenshot
Catch Flames
Found on 57 websites
Catch Flames is a Simple, Clean, Lightweight, Box Shaped Full-Width responsive WordPress theme that ...
Catch Box Pro screenshot
Catch Box Pro
Found on 48 websites
Catch Box Pro is an advance version of our popular theme Catch Box. It is based on HTML5, CSS3 and R...
My Music Band screenshot
My Music Band
Found on 40 websites
My Music Band is simple, clean, responsive and easy to use Music WordPress Theme which has been spec...
Clean Fotografie screenshot
Clean Fotografie
Found on 37 websites
Clean Fotografie is a child theme of our Popular Photography WordPress theme - Fotografie. Clean Fot...
Catch Everest Pro screenshot
Catch Everest Pro
Found on 35 websites
Catch Everest Pro is the premium version of our popular theme Catch Everest. It is Simple, Clean and...
Rock Star screenshot
Rock Star
Found on 34 websites
Rock Star is an incredibly sleek and Responsive Music WordPress Theme, built for artists, musician a...
Audioman screenshot
Found on 33 websites
Audioman is a well-designed, modern and trendy music WordPress theme built for musicians and bands t...
Clean Box screenshot
Clean Box
Found on 33 websites
Clean Box is a Simple, Clean, Grid Base Responsive WordPress Theme which automatically adapts to the...