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11,494 websites use themes from MyThemeShop.
There are 165 themes in their portfolio, the most popular of which are Schema by MyThemeShop, Point, SociallyViral Pro by MyThemeShop.
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Most Popular Themes

Schema by MyThemeShop screenshot
Schema by MyThemeShop
Found on 1,979 websites
Schema is a fast loading, ultra-SEO friendly WordPress theme that features rich snippets in order to...
Point screenshot
Found on 1,047 websites
Point is a fluid responsive and multipurpose WP Theme. Through the advanced options panel, you can c...
SociallyViral Pro by MyThemeShop screenshot
SociallyViral Pro by MyThemeShop
Found on 891 websites
SociallyViral is an engaging WordPress theme that is designed to help boost social shares and get yo...
Ad-Sense by MyThemeShop screenshot
Ad-Sense by MyThemeShop
Found on 564 websites
Ad-Sense is the best choice for blogs that want to earn more from their Ads. This theme has an inbui...
Ribbon Lite screenshot
Ribbon Lite
Found on 409 websites
Ribbon Lite is a lightning fast, SEO ready, traditional, responsive WordPress theme that is perfect ...
MagXP by MyThemeShop screenshot
MagXP by MyThemeShop
Found on 334 websites
MagXP is the ultimate Magazine WordPress Theme that has multiple layouts, is fully customizable and ...
Best by MyThemeShop screenshot
Best by MyThemeShop
Found on 315 websites
Best is a pixel perfect, ultra responsive WordPress theme with a beautiful design, fast loading time...
NewsPaper by MyThemeShop screenshot
NewsPaper by MyThemeShop
Found on 165 websites
NewsPaper is a content-oriented WordPress theme that is perfect for blogs, news websites and other w...
TruePixel by MyThemeShop screenshot
TruePixel by MyThemeShop
Found on 160 websites
TruePixel is a responsive WordPress theme comes with unlimited sidebars, ajax search, ajax paginatio...
Spike screenshot
Found on 150 websites
Spike is a bright and colorful WordPress blog theme. Spike is packed with 9 different layouts, sleek...
Point Pro by MyThemeShop screenshot
Point Pro by MyThemeShop
Found on 150 websites
PointPro looks stunning and performs flawlessly. This is a premium theme for professionals with a mo...
Authority by MyThemeShop screenshot
Authority by MyThemeShop
Found on 132 websites
Authority is a theme that’s styled after Matthew Woodward’s six figure blog. Benefit from the sa...
Splash by MyThemeShop screenshot
Splash by MyThemeShop
Found on 120 websites
Take your blogging to the next level with Splash, a responsive WordPress theme that integrates revie...
Blogging By MyThemeShop screenshot
Blogging By MyThemeShop
Found on 116 websites
Blogging is the ultimate theme for bloggers. With HTML5 and CSS3 markup, optimizations for search en...
Schema screenshot
Found on 112 websites
Schema is a fast loading, ultra-SEO friendly WordPress theme that features rich snippets in order to...
NewsOnline by MyThemeShop screenshot
NewsOnline by MyThemeShop
Found on 108 websites
NewsOnline is a beautiful and professional WordPress Theme with a glossy feel that's perfect for new...
WordX by MyThemeShop screenshot
WordX by MyThemeShop
Found on 105 websites
WordX is the perfect theme for blogs and online magazines that have lots of content. Engage your rea...
Interactive by MyThemeShop screenshot
Interactive by MyThemeShop
Found on 90 websites
Interactive is the theme that lets you truly engage with your audience. A beautiful layout will gree...
Playbook screenshot
Found on 80 websites
Playbook is a traditional WorPress theme with a dual column post layout, a fully responsive design, ...
Crypto by MyThemeShop screenshot
Crypto by MyThemeShop
Found on 78 websites
Crypto is a functional theme explicitly designed for cryptocurrency blogs. Its unique set of feature...